Wallpaper vs Paint

The Southwold living room


Wallpaper vs Paint

- 04 Sep 2020

When it comes to personalising your home, there are many tough decisions, but perhaps none tougher than this – wallpaper or paint? So, we’re here to look at the pros and cons of both to help you decide… The Pros Let’s kick things off with wallpaper… • There are so many exciting patterns to choose from and this gives you a really great opportunity to make your room unique • Wallpaper can also be a great way to introduce textures and depth into a room, for example raised inks or metallic foils • If your walls are a little uneven, wallpaper tends to be more forgiving and may mean you can avoid hiring a plaster • For the most part, wallpaper is more durable so should last longer Wallpaper vs Paint Now on to paint… • Generally speaking, painting a room will result in a cheaper upfront cost • It’s also easier to change if in a year’s time you decide that Classic Grey is no longer for you • There are so many colours to choose from now, especially with colour match facilities at various DIY stores • Painting a room will in theory take you less time than wallpapering the same space Wallpaper vs Paint The Cons Now on to the more challenging things about wallpaper… • It can be more time consuming to fit, particularly if you choose a pattern that you need to align when installing • The seams have the potential to lift and may need to be reattached, especially if installed in a damp area (so probably not a great choice for a bathroom for example) • Wallpaper will be harder to remove when it comes time to replace it And paint… • Can tend to fade more quickly so may need touching up over time… • …and when you do touch up paint, it may not match the original colour exactly • With some paints, you may need to do multiple coats, and you’ll have to wait for each coat to dry before doing the next Wallpaper vs Paint So, what’s the result? Both wallpaper and paint are great decorating choices, offering you the chance to really personalise your home and bring a room to life. If you like to refresh your rooms on a regular basis, then paint is probably the easier choice. However, if you’re really looking to make a statement, wallpapers offer so much variety. But hey, why limit yourself? Feature walls always go down a treat, so how about combining the best of both worlds, using paint and wallpaper in one space to really give that wow factor.


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