Energy Efficiency


Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking for a family home, one of our stylish and energy efficient Bovis Homes could be your dream home.

During the design and build process we ensure that our homes meet the latest building standards and provide you with a comfortable home that can help you save money in comparison to an older home. Which is great news for your energy bills!

Saving you money

With energy costs at a high, now is the perfect time to buy a home where energy saving features are included as standard.

According to the Home Builders Federation, on average, energy bills for new build homes are 55% cheaper. The monthly average energy bill for a new build property is £109, whereas the bill for existing property is £245– that’s a saving of £135* per month or £1,627 per year. Those that buy a new build house specifically see even greater annual savings of £2,199.

*Source HBF 2023 Watt Save report

All of our standard homes have an EPC rating of A or B, while according to HBF research, only 4% of existing properties reached the same standard. Not sure what EPC means? It’s an Energy Performance Certificate, which provides an indication of how much it will cost to heat and power a property, as well as how much CO2 it emits. All homes sold are required to have an EPC, with A being the best rating possible.

Did you know that new build houses use 55% less energy than older counterparts. It's thanks to A-rated boilers, low energy LED lighting, a greater amount of insulation and installing appliances with high efficiency ratings.

Saving you money

Green Mortgages

An added perk of buying a new energy efficient Bovis Home is that you could take advantage of exclusive ‘Green’ mortgage products. The mortgages can offer lower interest rates on properties that carry an energy performance certificate or a predicted energy assessment rate of A – C. Consider it a reward for buyers who are helping our planet by purchasing an energy efficient home. With all standard Bovis homes having an A or B rating, this type of mortgage may be ideal if you are looking to purchase a new build home.

Green Mortgages

Keeping you cosy

The fact that our homes come with high efficiency double glazing as standard might not seem like a big deal. But not only do they make your home light and warm, they also minimise heat loss and reduce the amount of external noise that you’ll hear within your home. If you were renovating an older home, the average cost for 8 new double-glazed windows and 2 new uPVC doors is £12,000, according to Checkatrade.

Additional roof and floor insulation are among the other unseen features included with our homes that will help reduce the costs of keeping your home warm in the winter months, while also keeping you cool in the summer.

Keeping you cosy

Integrating renewable technology

Going Electric

Thinking of making the switch to an Electric Vehicle? All our homes built after June 2023 which have an associated parking space will have a 7kw charging point fitted as standard. Meaning if you switch to an Electric Vehicle or already own one, you won’t have to worry about installation costs.**

**Where your allocation parking space is in a covered car park the caballing for a EV charger will be laid but no charger will be installed.

Powered by green energy

Many of our houses come with PV solar panels, making your new home less reliant on grid energy, which in turn helps you to reduce your electricity bills. It’s worth noting that how much you save will depend on your electricity usage vs how much electricity your panels are generating. It’s worth noting that how much you save will depend on your electricity usage vs how much electricity your panels are generating.

What’s more if the panels generate more electricity than the home uses then you may be able to sell the energy back to the grid.

We are also increasing our use of renewable energy sources across our developments over the next couple of years, so our homes will be less dependent on gas and diesel. Not only that but we are ensuring our current homes are future proofed for our customers. So, if you wish to make your home even greener by installing an Air Source Heat pump, the hardware behind the scenes will already be installed in your home.+

+Additional hot water cylinder required upon installation.

Integrating renewable technology

Reducing water usage

Our kitchens and bathrooms are not only stylish and functional, they also incorporate water saving measures.

These features mean our homes use up to 20% less water* than the UK average. Our taps and showers use aerated technology to provide the feeling of a strong flow, whilst using less water. Plus, our dual low flush toilets use the minimum amount of water to ensure less waste.

* Average Bovis home uses 100-110 litres/person/day compared to UK average of 140 litres/person/day according to the Energy Savings Trust

Reducing water usage

Healthy air

It’s easy to overlook the importance of air quality in our homes, but it plays a vital role in our health. That’s why in our homes we install decentralised mechanical extract ventilation, a low energy, low noise solution to remove the moisture out of wet rooms, which regulates the humidity in your home.

This creates a healthier home environment as it is especially good at removing damp and condensation, which are the main causes of mould. The lower humidity level reduces house dust mites and significantly improves the health of allergy and asthma sufferers.

Healthy air

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