9 easy ways to give your new build extra kerb appeal

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9 easy ways to give your new build extra kerb appeal

- 04 Sep 2020

When you think of decorating, the first thing that springs to mind is your home interior. However, we shouldn’t neglect the value of the first impression, so here are a few quick (and cheap!) tips to ensure the beauty inside your home is reflected on the outside too. Make an entrance The humble front door – the gateway to your home and the happiness that lies within. A quick way to make sure your property looks inviting is to give that front door a fresh coat of paint every now and then. Harsh weather conditions can cause damage to exterior paint work, so a quick touch up will have your front door looking mighty fresh. You may even like to choose a bold colour to give your property an extra splash of character. Got a uPVC door that you can’t paint? How about giving it a good ol’ fashioned clean with a specialist cleaning solution, as dust and dirt are inevitable over time. Tidy the pathway Why not give your pathway a quick power wash to remove dirt and stains? Clearing weeds and replacing cracked paving stones can really help give your home’s exterior a more polished appeal too. Let your flower beds be the talk of the town, for all the right reasons A tidy front garden can do wonders for your home’s appearance. You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to create an impact either – just think a neatly mowed lawn, some brightly coloured flowers, and a space free from weeds, to help give that extra charm. Hide your bins While we all need them, bins can be a bit of an eye sore. So how about building or buying a storage area for your bins? A wooden enclosure tucked to the side of your house ensures you can easily access your bins without distracting from the beauty of your home. 9 easy ways to give your new build extra kerb appeal Let there be light Practical and atmospheric – avoid fumbling around in the dark for your keys when you come back on those dark winter evenings and install a light at your doorway. While this is certainly practical, try to find a statement piece that becomes a feature of your home’s entrance too. Add potted plants or trees Potted plants or trees can add extra elegance and character to your home. Whether you opt for small potted trees either side of your front door, or beautiful flowers in window boxes, some natural life really adds that extra something to your home. Keep your doorstep looking slick You wouldn’t believe the impact that sprucing up your doorstep can have! Perhaps start by giving it a good sweep and clean, while throwing away any clutter. You may then like to consider refreshing the step with a coat of paint, before setting down a brand-new doormat to make your guests really feel welcome. Sparkling glass Remember to give your windows a clean every now and then – not only will this make your property look better from the outside, but it will also let more light into your home too. And while you’re at it…. Clean window frames too While shining up your windows, you may also like to consider refreshing your window frames. They may need a refreshed coat of paint or simply a good wash. It’s the small touches that really show a home is cared for.


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