Why communication is key for rising site star Danny

13 September 2017

Danny Clifford

As one of the youngest site managers in the history of one of the UK's leading house builders, Danny Clifford is showing why it's always good to talk.

Danny, who lives in Gloucester Docks, was only 23 when he achieved a childhood ambition of becoming a site manager for Bovis Homes, which has a regional office in Bishop's Cleeve.

He was appointed to the important position at Bovis Homes' Tadpole Cross location, near Swindon.

"Being a good site manager is about dedication, doing what you say you're going to do to the best of your ability, and being totally honest and truthful with the site team, customers and the local community," said Danny,  who was originally a plasterer by trade.

"Trust and integrity are vital and you can't overstate the importance of good communication - it's huge."

With customers that means making himself available to discuss their new home at key points of the build - especially just before they are due to move in.

"We want our home buyers to be happy with everything before they move in, so before they do so, we meet them for a home reservation check list and we show them the home that they're going to buy," explained Danny, now 24.

"The best part of the job is handing over the keys to a house that the customer is really happy with and that they could potentially live in for the rest of their life - nothing beats that.

"We're also really keen to foster a strong community spirit in locations where we're building new homes, so we meet local residents and organisations, such as schools, to make sure they're happy and on board with what we're doing."

On site the open communication with the team means daily briefings with contractors and a feedback system where everyone is invited to contribute ideas on how things could be improved.

 "At the end of the day, we spend more time on site than we do at home so you need to make sure the environment you're working in, is a good one, that everyone gets on with one another, and that you're building houses to the highest standard," said Danny.

"We've even put flowers on the way up to the site office, just to make the place look more attractive and welcoming."