Theatre star George is relishing his big role in putting customers first

30 October 2017

Sale manager George Wainwright featuring in Dick Whittington
George Wainwright believes the confidence he gained during a professional career in the theatre is serving him well in his latest role with Bovis Homes.

Now a field sales manager with the leading national house builder, his resume includes playing the lead character in a production of the pantomime 'Dick Whittington', alongside TV legends Keith Harris and sidekick Orville the Duck!

In his most recent stage role, he helped choreograph the dance routines, as well as playing a member of the Sharks gang, in the musical 'West Side Story' at the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering.

George, who himself lives in a Bovis Home in Little Stanion in Northamptonshire, said singing and dancing on stage in front of live audiences had improved his ability to connect with customers and members of his sales team.

"I was fairly shy and quiet when I was younger, but my background in theatre gave me a lot of confidence and I think that helps with the role that I do now," he said.

"As a sales advisor and now as field sales manager, it certainly helps to be able to talk to different people and build a good rapport with them.

"The fact I also live in a home built by Bovis Homes myself also helps to establish trust with our customers about the high quality of our properties and after-sales service when they're in the process of buying a brand new home."

George looks back with tremendous pride on that starring role in Dick Whittington and remembers Keith Harris, who passed away two years ago, with great fondness.

George couldn't have been happier when he was offered the role by Keith, who also funded, produced and directed the show, having grown up watching his popular act on TV.

"It was really great fun working with Keith - and Orville - and it's been the most enjoyable thing that I've done so far," said George, who is based in Bovis Homes' Northern Home Counties region.

"Pantomime involves a lot of adlibbing and audience participation, which was very different to the type of theatre that I'd done before, but I loved every minute of it.

"There was a scene where Keith had to come off stage with Orville and then go straight back on stage on his own, so he handed Orville over to me.

"Keith didn't let many other people hold Orville so it was a nice touch that he trusted me with such a prized possession!"

Like millions of other people around the UK, George enjoys watching the latest edition of the BBC's hit show Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday evening, especially as he is currently having ballroom dancing lessons himself. It means he appreciates the challenges faced by the participating celebrities each week.

"Even with my background as a trained dancer, there are routines that I find really difficult to pick up at my weekly lessons," he said.

"It is one thing dancing on your own, or dancing in a group, and it is another dancing with a partner when you're very close and trying not to step on each other's feet.

"You've got to be working together and it takes a lot of concentration and it is hard work. I fully understand what the celebrities on 'Strictly' are going through!"