Pupdate for Bovis the guide dog

24 September 2015

Bovis the guide dog puppy

Our Central region have received a 'pupdate' from Guide Dogs about our sponsored puppy, Bovis.

Bovis is now 12 weeks old and has been living with his puppy walker, Louise, since he left the National Breeding Centre six weeks ago.

Louise says that Bovis is doing well. He is very excitable but that is to be expected as he's still very young. Bovis is also making good progress with his toilet training, and although he still has an occasional accident, he is getting better every day.

Bovis has now had his 12 week vaccination, which has allowed him to get out to his local shops and also start to attend puppy training classes.

Bovis has been enjoying these classes and in the coming months they will help to teach him new skills and commands.

Louise has started to introduce basic commands which he has been picking up quickly. So far, he has a good understanding of 'sit', 'down' and 'up-sit' which is wonderful for a pup his age. There is still work to be done, but Bovis is moving in the right direction.

Regular trips on public transport forms part of a fully trained guide dog's life, so it is important for Bovis to get used to as many different types of transport as possible.

So far, Bovis has only travelled in a car which he took to with ease and is quite quick to settle. In the coming weeks Louise will also take him on a bus and to a train station so he can get used to the sights and sounds before experiencing his first train journey.

When he's not in training, Bovis enjoys playing with Louise's three young children and his favourite toy, a big stuffed Winnie the Pooh, which he likes to take to bed with him.

The Guide Dog team think that he has made a great start to his training and will be sending his first report card soon.