Plan your perfect garden with Bovis Homes


Plan your perfect garden with Bovis Homes

- 25 Jun 15

Now is the time to get your garden ready for summer! Planting a few flowers around the borders, or adding a bit of colour to some patio pots can brighten up any outdoor space.

If you’re thinking of laying top soil, sowing grass seed or need help on where to place your plants, here’s a handy infographic on planning your perfect garden.

Before planting anything, testing your soil to find out the pH type is the first step in planning your garden. Plants thrive in different types of soil so make sure your plants suit the ground they’re in, otherwise there will be problems with growth and foliage.

It’s easy to test soil pH type as most garden centres stock DIY test kits that give good indications of the soil type. There’s a quick test that can be done at home, using vinegar and baking soda. The pH test will reveal whether your soil is acid or alkaline:

  • pH 7.0 is neutral
  • anything below 7.0 is considered acid
  • anything above 7.0 is considered alkaline

It is possible to lower the acidity or alkalinity of soil through adding elements such as lime for acidic soil, and sulphur, or iron sulphate for alkaline soil.

Alternatively, using pots gives you control over the soil type to ensure the conditions are right for the plants you choose to grow.

Use our plant chart below to plan what flowers would suit your garden.

In-season Timeline

Table of Flower Types

Plant Name Lighting Required Soil type Soil PH
Achillea Sun All Types Alkaline
Agrimony Sun Loam Neutral
Asters Sun Loam Any
Celosia Sun All Types Acid
Cornflowers Sun Clay Alkaline
Cosmos Sun Loam Any
Delphiniums Sun Chalk Alkaline
Dianthus Sun All Types Alkaline
Geranium Sun or Shade All Types Any
Hollyhocks Sun Chalk Any
Hollyhocks Sun Sandy Any
Hollyhocks Sun Loam Any
Hydrangea Shade All Types Any
Impatiens Loam Neutral
Iris Sun All Types Acid
Lady's mantle Sun or Shade All Types Any
Lavender Sun Chalk Alkaline
Lobelia Sun or Shade All Types Neutral
Marigolds Sun Sandy Alkaline
Marigolds Sun Clay Alkaline
Peony Sun Neutral
Petunias Sun Sandy Alkaline
Petunias Sun Clay Alkaline
Poppy Sun Loam Neutral
Rosemary Sun Sandy Alkaline
Roses Sun Chalk Acid
Salvia Sun All Types Acid
Sweet William Sun or Shade All Types Any
Violet Sun or Shade All Types Neutral
Zinnias Sun All Types Any




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