Pictures paint wonderful story for new home owners Tom and Gemma

01 November 2017

Tom Rayment and Gemma Morgan
Tom Rayment and Gemma Morgan 
Tom Rayment and Gemma Morgan are so proud of their brand new Bovis Home that they've put together a slideshow of it being built to enjoy in years to come.

The couple, who are engaged to be married next year, have followed the progress of their Southwold house type every step of the way at Bovis Homes' Bowbrook Meadows location on the outskirts of Shrewsbury.

"As it's the first home we've purchased together, we thought it would be great to have plenty of photographs of it being built to serve as a memento," said Tom, a detention officer.

"Looking at the slideshow, which shows the different stages of the build process inside and out, it's exciting to see the property being transformed into our brand new home - we're very happy with it.

"The pictures will provide us both with fantastic memories in years to come and, maybe if we have children, I'm sure they will have lots of fun looking at them too."

Tom said the location and the modern property at Bowbrook Meadows, which is close to the school at which Gemma teaches, provided all they wanted in a new home.

The three-bedroom Southwold house type includes a stylish fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, which come as standard with Bovis Homes.

Tom explained: "We chose Bowbrook Meadows because it's in a good area of town with views of the countryside and provides good access routes to major roads.

"We like the style of the property, which is the ideal size for us, and we're very pleased that it came with a garage and good-sized garden and drive."
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