New Norwich home leads to surprise proposal

27 April 2018

Round House Park, Chris and Robyn

Moving into a new house is an exciting time for all couples, but the occasion was made even more special for Robyn Edwards when her boyfriend Chris Sainty got down on one knee and proposed in their brand-new Norwich home.

Unbeknown to Robyn, Chris had devised a plan to ask her to marry him on the day they picked up the keys to their new property at Bovis Homes' location in Cringleford.

“We're not showy people, so I wanted to do something which was quite private,” says Chris. “But, I wanted it to be meaningful and this was our first home together, so it was a special moment.”

Rather than welcoming the couple into their new home, sales advisor Jackie, who was in on the plan, had arranged to meet them a little later to give Chris a chance to pop the question.

“Robyn was definitely surprised,” says Chris, a software engineer. “Initially, I had planned to go into the house beforehand and decorate it, but I didn't want it to be tacky and thought I would keep it simple.

“I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to ask, but it actually worked out really well!”

Round House Park Chris and Robyn

While Robyn, a fitness instructor with her own studio, was looking around the kitchen, Chris dashed upstairs and called for her to come up and look at something. When she arrived, he was down on one knee.

“It was just the reaction I wanted! She burst into tears and said yes, which, I suppose is the aim!” He says. Shortly afterwards, Jackie, who was eagerly waiting to congratulate the newly-engaged couple, greeted them with a bouquet and gift.

Previously living together at Robyn's rented house in Norwich, the couple decided to buy a home together at Bovis Homes' Round House Park.

“I had already reserved a smaller home at the development, but when I met Robyn, we thought we'd need a bit more space, so I cancelled the reservation and we selected the three-bedroom Winchcombe,” says Chris. “Jackie was great in sorting it all out and making the change. She kept us in the loop throughout and I think we've got the best plot at the location!”

The couple, who have been together for a year and a half, are aiming to have a small, intimate wedding later this year.