New HBF boss praises housebuilder’s Unwrapped Home on visit to unique new-build

15 January 2020

View our video: A new Home Builders Federation chief has praised a national housebuilder’s industry-leading construction project, which opens the door to learning about the building process.

Neil Jefferson, managing director of the HBF, made the comments after visiting Bovis Homes’ Unwrapped Home, which features exposed walls, ceilings and pipework, to reveal just what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in a new-build property.

HBF Neil Jefferson Bovis Homes Unwrapped Home Emmbrook Place Wokingham
HBF's Neil Jefferson inside Bovis Homes' Unwrapped Home at Emmbrook Place in Wokingham 
The three-bedroom house in Wokingham has been built for the benefit of home buyers, colleagues, apprentices and contractors, as well as for schools and colleges for educational purposes.

Speaking from the Unwrapped Home, Neil said: “What a fantastic job Bovis Homes has done here, it’s really pleasing to see the Unwrapped Home come to life - I know it’s the envy of the industry.

“I think this facility is fantastic, not just for home owners, for them to get a better insight into what they’re buying, but also for Bovis Homes colleagues as well. You can see the standards that need to be met and also have a look at the product in more detail.

“What’s really struck me, is just how cleverly the Unwrapped Home has been put together. The progression as you take a journey around the home. You can see the drainage, the living room - which is block work - and work your way through the home.”

Visitors can see straight up into the roof space from the downstairs kitchen, and read a number of information boards that explain what is going on in each room, with the journey ending at a fully decorated bedroom with en suite.

Emily Arnold, quality control manager at Bovis Homes, led the Unwrapped Home project.

The former apprentice, 31, said: "The Unwrapped Home is, I believe, unmatched by any other property in the industry. It is special as it gives a unique insight into how a home is constructed and gives full transparency into our building methods and quality."

Watch our video of Neil inside our Unwrapped Home, here:

A new Education Centre has been built behind the Unwrapped Home at the Emmbrook Place
development, providing information and statistics for pupils, students, teachers, colleagues and all those who want to know more about housebuilding.

The centre, which includes kitchen and toilet facilities, can be used by schools, colleges and universities as a space for learning.

The Unwrapped Home is a Spruce house type, which is part of Bovis Homes' new collection, and properties within the range are named after British trees and focus on well-proportioned exteriors with a real sense of light and flow on the inside.

House hunters are able to view the Unwrapped Home and Education Centre – which can also be used by companies and organisations for meetings - by appointment.