Move to her brand new Bovis Home adds up perfectly for former payroll expert Pat

14 November 2017

PPat Haggerty
Pat Haggerty with daughter Dawn and granddaughter Teri-Rose 
at Haggerty worked in the Bovis Homes payroll department more than 40 years ago - now she is counting the benefits of purchasing one of the house builder's brand new properties on the West Sussex coast.

Pat shares a four-bedroom detached 'Canterbury' at Bovis Homes' Hampton Park location in Littlehampton, with her daughter Dawn and granddaughter Teri-Rose.

"We looked at quite a few new houses in the area, but we were very impressed that the extras came as standard with Bovis Homes, which isn't the case with all other house builders," she said.

"We're pleased that the property includes four double bedrooms and a large lounge and kitchen diner, while the study is an added bonus.

"The quality of the workmanship in the house is good, there's a lot of space and it's close to Teri-Rose's school as well, which is ideal."

Now retired, Pat worked for Bovis Homes in the payroll department at its Woking office in the early 1970s.

She was among the skilled operators who worked out staff wages using a comptometer - a mechanical calculator.

She has fond recollections of those times and remains close friends with some of her former work colleagues.

"That was in the days before computers came along, of course," said Pat. "Back then, the staff were paid weekly and in cash.

"Comptometer operators were all trained to be fast and accurate to make sure everyone was paid correctly. I enjoyed the job - they were good times."

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