Labourer at Crawley housebuilder urges women to grab industry opportunities

30 May 2019

A passionate labourer at a national housebuilder in Crawley, with an eye for detail, is encouraging more women to grab opportunities in the industry.

Bovis Homes The Maples Crawley
Bovis Homes labourer Sapphire Gordon-Perera, at the The Maples in Crawley 
Perfectionist Sapphire Gordon-Perera, who works at Bovis Homes’ The Maples location, on Rusper Road, said there were training and skills development prospects, plus impressive female role models in the company.

Sapphire, 39, from Broadfield, who started at the housebuilder six months ago, said: “I have some great managers and brilliant colleagues at The Maples, everyone supports each other. Everyone is approachable and friendly and there are so many opportunities at Bovis Homes.

Bovis Homes is by far the best employer in supporting women and offering new skills and training progress. In my short time here, I have noticed some great female roles models, at director and management level and out on site, and that’s inspiring.

“I get on with all the trades and would recommend labouring to any interested women. It’s all about time management and attention to detail. Those interested must enjoy working outside and getting their hands dirty.

“I’m a perfectionist and always want all parts of the site to look neat and tidy. I love working hard and seeing plots develop from the ground up. I’ve always found it amazing.”

Sapphire opens plots, checks and tidies both the inside and outside of properties, organises palettes and skips and helps the site manager with any other tasks that need completing.

She has worked in the housebuilding industry for 18 months and other responsibilities have included demolition labouring, plumbing support and landscape gardening. Among other roles, Sapphire was previously a dog breeder and designed and built kennels and play pens.

Valentyn Samchuk, Bovis Homes site manager at The Maples, added: “Sapphire is a hard-working, passionate labourer with a superb eye for detail.

“She is one of the team, takes any opportunities that come her way out on site and we’re very lucky to have her and keen to see her progress.”