Evie comes to aid of teddy bear in need of new Exeter home

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Evie comes to aid of teddy bear in need of new Exeter home

- 02 Oct 17

A little girl's heart-warming letters to Bovis Homes, describing how much she was enjoying her new home, have led to a teddy bear being found a new place to live.

Evie Bowker, eight, was so thrilled with the size of her bedroom at Bovis Homes' Turnstone Rise location in Cranbrook, Exeter, that she put pen to paper to tell the sales team all about it.

The sales team wrote back to Evie, asking if she would be able to look after a 'little friend' - a teddy bear - who was living in one of the show homes at Cranbrook and needed a new bedroom in which to stay.

Do you think you might be able to help us out? enquired the sales team. They don't eat much, they're very loyal and they love the biggest cuddles (and lots of them).

I know it's a lot to ask, and you'll have to ask Mum and Dad if it's okay, but do you think you have enough space in your room for our little friend to come and live with you?

Evie told the sales team that she would be delighted to look after the teddy bear and promised to give it lots of hugs.

I will give the teddy bear a very good home, she wrote. It will be a pleasure to keep it in my room, there will definitely be enough space for them to live there.

Delighted that she could help, the sales team presented the cuddly toy to Evie at the home - a three-bedroom 'Sheringham' design - she shares with her mum Louise and dad Nick.

Louise, a child minder, said Evie was particularly enjoying looking out of the bay window in her bedroom trying to spot wildlife in the country park opposite.

The first time she saw inside her bedroom, Evie said, 'It is as pretty as a picture, Mummy', said Louise.

We're very pleased with the finish of the house and the after-care that we've received from Bovis Homes - site manager Andy has been amazing.


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