Crafty Home Storage Tips and Ideas from Bovis Homes

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Crafty Home Storage Tips and Ideas from Bovis Homes

- 22 Oct 14

Crafty Storage Ideas for the Home

When it comes to organising your new home it's the little details that matter. So whether you have an artistic or resourceful streak or you just want to seek inspiration to better organise your home, these ideas should help kick-start the creativity in you.

Bedroom Basics

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If you want to add colour and maximise space in the bedroom, there are plenty of quirky storage ideas you can try to help transform clutter into a centrepiece. Hangers prove extremely versatile for all types of belongings; add small screws to hook necklaces on, or create a DIY scarf hanger using shower curtain rings. This works with baseball caps too.

Vintage tea cups and saucers, or painted cheese graters can make unusual earring displays, while small 'distressed' muffin tins can be used for storing items such as broaches, rings and bracelets.  And while ladders might be more widely used outside, they can also be painted or treated and placed horizontally to hang any extra clothes or jackets.

If you have a cupboard full of scarves, or even belts, consider arranging them carefully in a trio of hanging baskets (see example opposite), not only will they be easier to find but this will also make a surprisingly decorative feature in your room.

Bathroom Bliss

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The bathroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind, but it's also a room that tends to be filled with toiletries, some of which often find themselves forgotten about at the back of cupboards.

If you have a family bathroom and want to make sure everyone's belongings are neatly organised to avoid those frantic searches in the mornings, consider nailing a plaque with separate hooks and glass jars on the wall, so that each family member has a designated hook to hang their towel on and a jar to store their own toothbrush and toothpaste in. 

See the example opposite to see how Mason jars can prove invaluable for holding all sorts of items, from cotton buds to make-up brushes.

When it comes to storing towels, there's endless possibilities to keep them looking neat and tidy, yet easily accessible, from a DIY nautical style shelf, to a wall painted tree complete with hooks.

Kitchen Kitsch

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The kitchen may be the heart of every home but that doesn't mean it needs to be disorganised! Tension rods or peg boards fitted to the inside of draws or cupboards with inserts, are ideal for eliminating chaos since they help to keep the contents separated. CD racks also provide a clever storage solution for stowing Tupperware lids neatly, while single towel rails placed in the inside of cupboards are ideal for holding the lids of pots and pans. You could also consider attaching a magazine rack inside one of the cupboard doors for efficient organising of essentials such as cling film and Kitchen foil.

When it comes to drawers, yoghurt pots, empty egg cartons and even robust cupcake cases (preferably the more robust materials) all make excellent dividers for next to nothing, and will help to put a smile on your face every time you open it.

Recycling old or unwanted items is half the fun when it comes to being crafty in the home and using an aluminium wheel from an unused bicycle, hung from the ceiling; make a perfect and unusual pan rack.

Garage Gizmos

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The garage is one of those spaces that often gets neglected, but there are a number of nifty tricks that will help keep your DIY and gardening products in order, and as a result may become the envy of your neighbours!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make all the difference, and if you have any spare PVC pipes, cut them at an angle (see left image, and follow the link to get the full tutorial) - these make the ideal mounts for gardening tools.

A brush head can also make a creative and reliable alternative for storing paintbrushes and takes up very little space. When it comes to cables, empty toilet rolls, Velcro tape and even bulldog clips can provide an effective way to organise them and will help to save time.

A pegboard has multiple uses and should be a definite consideration for any garage; use it to hang sports gears, DIY tools or tin cans filled with screws and other essentials.

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