Couple's house sale rollercoaster becomes a smooth move with Bovis Homes

11 October 2012

Couples house sale rollercoaster becomes a smooth move with bovis homes

With two house sales having fallen through and no new buyers on the horizon Sarah and Neil Cook thought their house in Droitwich would never sell.

They had already set their hearts on buying a new build home and when they found the new Cleobury Park development by Bovis Homes at Cleobury Mortimer, they were over the moon.

Sarah said: "We bought our last house from new and liked the fact everything was pristine and there was no maintenance. Neil found Cleobury Park on the internet and when we drove out there we fell in love with the area, with the town, saw the new Bovis Homes and fell in love with those too! But there was one major problem - our house was still on the market."

To avoid losing out on the home they wanted the couple signed up for the Company's Smooth Move scheme to help speed up the marketing and selling of their old home. The scheme even included Bovis Homes footing the bill for their estate agents' fees, which saved them thousands of pounds.

Sarah said: "We signed up for Smooth Move, reserved the house we wanted and then everything happened at once. Bovis Homes instructed a new estate agent of our choosing to market our property and they came straight out and took details and photographs.

"Within just a couple of days we had a viewing, an offer was made and we agreed a price that we were very happy with. We couldn't believe it! From signing up for Smooth Move to agreeing a sale it was only a matter of a few days - and the house had been on the market for three months."

While their new home was being built and the sale of their old property went through Sarah and Neil had time to choose the specification for their new kitchen with co-ordinating tiling, the tiling in their bathroom and en suite, plus flooring and carpets, so everything was in place for their moving-in day.

Sarah said: "We absolutely love our new house. The layout is just perfect and there's plenty of living space. There are also some really great ecological features about the house which were all included in the price. "

Neil added: "As for Smooth Move we just couldn't believe our luck. Everything was so well-managed, we knew exactly what was happening and a lot of the worry was taken away from us.

"We're so pleased we used the scheme, it really worked for us and without it we could still be stuck in our old place instead of enjoying life in beautiful new Bovis Home."