Choosing the perfect flowers and indoor plants for your new home

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Choosing flowers for your new home

- 08 May 17

Plants and flowers don't just help bring a room to life, they can also brighten your mood. Research shows that having just one indoor plant in a room can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air.

There are many benefits to ensuring you have clean oxygenated air in your home, in fact it's also proven to help improve productivity and alertness, so whether you work from home or work out at home, this can offer a serious advantage.

If you fancy adding a touch of floral décor to your new home, here are our flower and indoor plant ideas to suit every home and lifestyle, from low maintenance plants for those who are always on-the-go to sweet smelling bouquets for open plan living spaces.

Fresh bouquets

Fresh flower arrangements make wonderful centrepieces in any place in the home, from coffee tables to sideboards or windowsills, and are a lovely way to naturally fragrance your new abode.

Fresh flowers also look fabulous all year round, and big, bold bouquets can bring some much-needed life into the home during the colder months. Even something as simple as a bunch of lavender can brighten up a kitchen in the summer, while a handful of tulips can add freshness to a windowsill in springtime.

Brightly-coloured floral displays look great when twinned with neutral, minimalist décor. Single coloured oriental or calla lilies are perfect for adding some timeless elegance to your home, and clear vases are best for showing off their vibrant green stems.

Bottles and jam jars are also a great way to display small bunches of wild flowers, single stems of tulips or roses, or even oversized blooms like peonies or hydrangeas. Fishbowl vases also make elegant, striking centrepieces, and are a great way to display fresh bouquets.

Potted plants

If you're looking to bring some greenery into the home, why not opt for some larger potted plants? Standing houseplants are great for freshening up kitchen and living room spaces, while raised planters or stands make stunning statement pieces for those looking to channel a contemporary look in their home. If you're searching for a bold and sturdy houseplant, try opting for a Ficus or yucca plant; they grow tall enough to be placed on the floor and are guaranteed to brighten up the corner of any room.

Not only are orchids simple and elegant, but they're fairly low maintenance too, and are a welcome addition to any sideboard. They also prefer more humid conditions, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms. For maximum impact, team white flowers with a dark-walled background or opt for colourful blooms to add a pop of colour to white tiles in a bathroom.

Jade plants, zebra plants and peace lilies are striking medium-sized houseplants which look effective when teamed with white ceramic pots; while the blooming hibiscus and Brazilian fireworks plants with their eye-catching flowers are perfect for those who are keen to add an explosion of colour.

Artificial flowers

Although they won't be removing the toxins in the air, artificial flowers offer a truly effortless décor solution and are perfect for those who are always on the go, but still need their floral fix. Opting for artificial flowers also means you can have beautiful realistic-looking bouquets in your home which stay looking their best all year round.

Today's faux flower offering is vast, and many are now made from silk, so are guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your abode. They also come ready-styled in bouquets or arrangements, and can even be bought with scented sprays or perfumes to fill your room with a welcoming fragrance, just like the real thing.

Artificial flowers can also be displayed anywhere, so you don't need to worry about finding a cool spot in your home which is neither too sunny or too dark. You also don't need to remember to change the water or be on the lookout for any stems which look past their best. Artificial flowers are also less wasteful, and are ideal for allergy sufferers or homes with pets.

Terrariums, succlents and cacti

Like artificial flowers, succulents and cacti are also great for the not-so-green-fingered. They're easy to care for and thrive in bright, low moisture conditions. Many will just need a light misting of water once a week to stay in tip top condition.

Miniature cacti in colourful or metallic pots are great for adding a playful touch of colour to shelves and windowsills around the home, and are ideal for those looking for a less feminine alternative to flowers. Whether you choose to combine different varieties in a large dish with gravel or opt for a series of single cacti in pots, they make a simple, stylish addition to any living space.

Terrariums are the latest trend, and look fantastic in modern homes with minimalist décor. These mini decorative greenhouses can be bought complete with plants, pebbles, gravel or soil, or you can even make your own. Species such as oyster plants, mosses and variegated spider ferns all thrive in humid conditions, therefore are perfect for closed terrariums or glass cloches, whereas desert cacti and air plants will need an open terrarium or bowl to grow.

For more indoor plant and floral décor ideas for your home, get some inspiration from our flower power Pinterest board. Or if you're thinking about getting your garden summer-ready, check out our tips for planning your perfect garden, which also features a plant chart and in-season timeline.


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