Childhood sweethearts delighted to be setting up in their first home at Sherford

31 May 2019

Childhood sweethearts from Plymouth are so excited to be moving into their new-build home in Sherford that they are convincing friends and family to join them at the fantastic new Devon location.

Bovis Homes Sherford
Lucy and William in the show home at Bovis Homes' Sherford location 
Lucy Gosling, 23, and William Lane, 24, who love to travel and attend festivals, are using the Government-backed Help to Buy - Equity loan initiative to buy a Bovis Home in Sherford – and Lucy’s sister will also be moving into a Bovis Home just around the corner!

The pair, who have known each other for ten years, are set to move into their three-bedroom home and picked Sherford for its homely, family feel.

Lucy, a TV production secretary from Plymouth, said: “We both loved the idea of a new-build Bovis Home because we wanted to be involved in the development of the property.

“We love that we will be able to watch our home being built and, when we move in, no-one else will have lived there, it’s completely ours! That is a really special feeling. We can add our own personal touch and make it our own.

“Buying a new-build also meant we could get access to more financial help, through the Help to Buy scheme. It was simple and easy to understand with the help of our mortgage advisor.

“I would really recommend the Help to Buy scheme, it gives you more opportunity and allows you to buy a property that is closer to being your forever home. The whole process so far has just been so exciting!

“The team at Bovis Homes has been so good with updates. We are just going to have to be patient now, and I cannot wait for our little home to grow!

“After speaking about how amazing everything is, my sister and her family are now going to be moving around the corner, it couldn't be more perfect!”

Project engineer William, from Tavistock, and Lucy, both attended Tavistock College and both now work in Plymouth.

They are counting down the days to living in their new property, with their Jackhuahua, Mylo, which Lucy shares with her mum, and said there was nowhere better to settle than Sherford, close to the city centre but also walking distance from beautiful countryside.

Sherford Bovis Homes“We both didn't know what to think about Sherford when we first started to hear about the new development,” she said. “We were nosey and had to have a look to see what all the talk was about.

“We can't describe why we felt the way we did but it felt homely, the houses were all beautiful, the space around was full of trees, the plans for the whole development sounded incredible and I wanted to be part of the Sherford story.

“The house type we have chosen is very open and allows a lot of light in, which we really love.

“The rooms are a brilliant size and the property also comes with a garage, which Will really wanted as his man cave, so it just seemed the perfect home for us! Will and I are already planning on creating a little dog den for Mylo.

“The outside of the house looks incredible and we are lucky to have a property that’s detached. There are so many positives, it’s amazing. We had been hunting around all the new-build developments and this was just a cut above the rest, we had to go for it.

“The style of the Sherford development was also a huge tick for us, with the big windows and beautifully-designed houses. We both can really see ourselves living in Sherford and that is the main thing.”