Added extras are big attraction at Hampton Park for new homeowners Dan and Laura

21 December 2017

Dan Smith
Laura Delaney and Dan Smith in their new home 
Dan Smith and Laura Delaney are enjoying the benefits that moving into a brand-new Bovis Home are bringing - both to their lifestyles and their pockets.

The happy couple are thrilled with their property at Hampton Park on the outskirts of Littlehampton, West Sussex, especially as Bovis Homes include so much more in the purchase price.

Dan is so pleased with the build quality and customer service that he has received from Bovis Homes that it is the second property in a row that he has purchased from the national house builder.

"I think you get more value for your money with Bovis Homes than other house builders," said Dan, whose previous Bovis Home was in Felpham.

"I've always been pleased with the build quality and I like the fact that when you buy a brand-new property with Bovis Homes, the kitchen appliances and some other fixtures and fittings come as standard, which is a massive plus.

"It saves you a lot of money in the long run."

The location and the properties available at Hampton Park proved an instant hit with Dan and Laura, an optical receptionist, when they visited Hampton Park for the launch event.

The next morning, they were back at the sales office to put down a deposit on a three-bedroom 'Sheringham' house type.

"We had a look at the location and properties that were available and said, 'Yes, we've got to move here'," explained Dan, a welding and grinding section manager for Network Rail.

"The house has so much character that we liked it straightaway, so I told the sales team at the launch event, 'We'll be back tomorrow to put our deposit down!'

"It's provided us with a really enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle.

"Hampton Park is a fantastic location - it's not far from the beach and other local amenities - and the development has been set out really well with lots of space.

"We're so proud of our new home and couldn't be happier that we've bought it and moved in!"

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