A week with Bovis Homes

20 July 2018

Rosie Curtis outside the sales office at Coopers Edge 
Fifteen-year-old Rosie, from Archway School in Stroud joined our Group Communications team for a week's work experience this summer. Here are her reflections on her time with Bovis Homes.

I never knew that so many people were involved in the drive to build new homes.
Over my week's work experience at Bovis Homes' Bishops Cleeve offices I have learnt that there are several people in each department that work together to get the job done.

I visited the different departments such as, build, technical, graphics and sales and marketing, where it was clearly explained how each department do their own separate jobs and how they link together to create a successful housebuilding company.

During my work experience I was also fortunate enough to go to sites, as I visited housing developments such as Augustus Parkand Furlong Rise. It was there where I got to see the sales team and how they successfully carry out their jobs, to help customers and sell homes.

Chris with the Furlong Rise sales team 
I visited Furlong Rise with Chris, the PR officer for Bovis Homes, where I got to witness him ask the sales team various questions about how well their development is doing – for instance, what is their most popular house type, which we found out was The Condicote.

I was told that scenarios like this will sometimes be videoed and posted on the company's staff website, called 'Dug', where all the employees from different regions can watch them to see how other parts of the company are getting on.

Whilst at the developments I managed to visit five different show homes, where I took some interior shots that where later posted on social media by a member of the communications team. 

Much of my time at Bovis Homes was spent with the communications department, where articles and social media posts are written to promote the company and developments. It was here where I got the chance to create suitable posts for social media about events that had previously taken place. I also read a few previous articles written by members of the communications team, allowing me to see the different language used to positively portray the company.

I spoke to all the members of the department, including Sarah, the digital marketing manager. She explained to me exactly what digital marketing is and what it does to help sell new homes.

Digital marketing is based online and focuses on the properties for sale and their unique selling points. Sarah has to ensure that the words and photographs are displayed in the most effective way to really sell the benefits to people who view the product.

This involves her working closely with websites such as Rightmove so the houses on there are portrayed in a way that is appealing for customers. A lot of this job involves spread sheets in order to evaluate data, so the company can make changes accordingly, and develop effective strategic marketing and sales plans.

I also got the chance to speak to Richard, the associate director of graphics, where it was clarified that he and his team are responsible for the creation and designing of the brochures and signs used to promote the different developments.  I learnt that it's very important in this department to use the same colours and font styles as it looks a lot smarter and characterises the Bovis Homes brand. 

I have really enjoyed my work experience at Bovis Homes, and it has allowed me to learn a lot about the house building industry and all the work and individual jobs that are involved to make a successful company.