A guide to preparing for a move after lockdown


A guide to preparing for a move after lockdown

- 23 Apr 20

Bovis Homes' Grenadier house type 
If you’re considering a home move after lockdown, it’s the perfect time to begin those preparations, with plenty of practical steps for buyers and sellers to take now, saving valuable time ready for the rejuvenation of the market.

For those looking to buy a new home, there is lots of ‘homework’ that can be done from the comfort of your living room, and for sellers looking to part exchange a property, lockdown provides the opportunity to get sale-ready.

Spring is traditionally a time when people think about moving, and you can still focus on this …only in a slightly different way! So, we’ve prepared some tips for using your spare time wisely:

For buyers

- Get connected with your nearest development online. Our sales teams are available to discuss options with you, even if the sales offices are currently closed. There is still an opportunity to view the development, admire photos, enjoy video tours and stay in touch with the sales teams remotely either by telephone or video.

There will also be information online about local attractions, schools and travel links, giving visitors the opportunity to discover more about the area without stepping outside their front door.

- Familiarising yourself with floor plans is also a great way of getting a feel for your potential new home. By measuring your own kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms etc you can then compare your home to the one you are viewing. You may also like to visit the Bovis Homes' Instagram account for interior design inspiration so you can start thinking about how you will decorate your dream home.

- Getting your paperwork in order will also save time, particularly when you come to apply for a mortgage. A mortgage candidate needs a passport, at least three months’ worth of bank statements and pay slips, their name on at least one utility bill at their current address and will be on the Electoral Roll.

For sellers

Bovis Homes' Grenadier house type 
- If you are looking to part exchange your home when the market begins to stabilise, then it makes sense to get ahead of the game when others in your position will also be looking to sell. Lockdown can provide a valuable opportunity to finish off those odd jobs around the home. While most retailers are currently closed, many hardware shops are open and some still offer online delivery services for paint, materials and other finishing touches.

Replace broken tiles, paint out the scuff marks, wash windows, paint over watermarks on ceilings, clean the carpets, fix or replace that leaking tap, etc. Put together a checklist and tick off jobs once completed – it will give a sense of achievement!

- Give your garden some TLC by washing down patios, filling planters (again, lots of nurseries are fulfilling online orders), paint the fence and clean the garden furniture. Not only will this help to show case your garden, but it promotes exercise and wellbeing just by being outdoors.

- Don’t forget about the exterior of your home, as first impressions count. Give your front door a lick of paint for instant kerb appeal, clean windows and gutters and weed the driveway and / or front garden.

- Finally, don’t let the garage let you down! If, like the majority of homeowners, you use your garage for storing everything apart from the car, keeping it clutter-free will give viewers an idea of how much space there is. They may have their own ideas for garage use – so keep tools, Christmas decorations and other items stored in boxes or hooked on the wall. Don’t hide this vital space under a pile of ‘junk’!

For details of developments in your area visit https://www.bovishomes.co.uk/.




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