How to transform your bathroom into a spa (without breaking the bank)
15 Feb 2022

Whether you’re someone who enjoys a quick shower or a long soak in the bath, your bathroom allows for you to relax, refresh and recharge the batteries. We’ve picked seven ways for you to update this often-neglected space into a ‘spa-room’ you’ll love relaxing in.

1. Incorporate nature into your bathroom

From lifting your mood to breathing new life into bland interiors, there are many benefits to adding plants into the bathroom. Pops of colour from potted plants placed on the windowsill to a large vase filled with trendy pampas grass, or hanging planters if you’re lacking the space, can turn an uninspiring space into a serene sanctuary you’ll want to relax in.

2. Upgrade your shower head

Typically used daily, and a focal point in your bathroom, a good shower head is worth investing in. If a luxurious, spa-like shower is what you long for, we recommend taking the time to look for the perfect rainfall shower head.

3. Declutter your bathroom

You know what they say: a messy room equals a messy mind. If you want your bathroom to be a place of peace and tranquillity you need to ensure its as tidy as possible. Tidy away your toiletries into storage, while decanting any essentials into jars and pots that you would prefer to have to hand, and clear out unused or expired products. We love the idea of toiletries tucked away in wicker-style baskets.

4. Invest in your favourite toiletries

Now you’re thrown away any unwanted toiletries, it’s time to restock your bathroom with toiletries you’ll enjoy using. If you’ve stayed at a hotel or enjoyed a spa day recently, and loved the products used there, spoil yourself with a selection of your own. Body washes, scrubs, bath salts and lotions that remind you of a leisurely breakaway are bound to inspire you to feel the same at home.

5. Hang towels on bars or hooks to maximise space

Rolling towels and placing between bars or hooks allows you to make the most of the space in the bathroom. Remember, the fluffier the towels, the better.

6. Buy a bath tray – you won’t regret it!

If love nothing more than a long soak, it’s likely that you’re already the proud owner of a bath tray or caddy. If not, you’ll find trays in a myriad of styles and sizes with something to suit all tastes. While incorporating a design to match your interiors is important, ensure you find something that reflects your needs. There are bath trays with phone, tablet and book holders, while some are simpler and can be used to carry toiletries, candles and that well-deserved glass of wine.

7. Candles, candles and more candles

Adding candles to your bathroom is the easiest way to mimic the calming nature of a spa.

Scents like lavender, jasmine and vanilla will create a calm, tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom but it’s worth taking the time to discover which makes you feel the most relaxed. Not a fan of candles (or worried you’ll forget to blow them out)? A reed diffuser or essential oils in your favourite scent will do the same job.

How to transform your bathroom into a spa (without breaking the bank)

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