Working together at Sherford cements happy relationship for construction

08 March 2018

Belinda Speak and Stuart Beesley

Stuart Beesley and Belinda Speak have built a happy and successful partnership – both on and off the Devon new-home site where they spend their working hours.

Not only do Stuart and Belinda share an Exeter home as an engaged couple, they are now working together for housebuilder Bovis Homes as part of the team creating a major new community in the heart of Devon.

Stuart has recently been appointed as project manager and Belinda the site manager at Sherford, the fantastic new community taking shape just outside Plymouth, where the exciting plans include a variety of high-quality facilities, including new schools, a sports centre and a theatre.

While mixing home and work lives might not be for every couple, Stuart and Belinda are delighted to be spending time together at the site, where more than 5,000 homes will ultimately be delivered by a consortium of builders over the next few years.

Love blossomed for the pair six years ago, and Belinda explained: “People wouldn't know that we're a couple unless we told them, they'd just think we were normal colleagues at work. Contractors and customers are often really shocked when they find out!

“Many people have told us, 'Oh my word, I could never work with my other half, it would be absolutely horrendous', but for us it works perfectly.

“We know what makes each other tick and we've got strengths in different areas. It's a real positive, definitely.”

Stuart, the winner of a highly-prestigious NHBC Pride in the Job award, said the secret of their success at work was that both were dedicated to doing a good job.

“If you're not passionate about this job, you won't succeed – it's as simple as that,” he said.

“The thing is, when we're on site, we don't think about ourselves as a couple working together, we just get on with our jobs.”

Managing a building site successfully requires meticulous planning and sharp-eyed attention to detail, to ensure the project delivers high-quality homes for customers.

Delighted to be Bovis Homes' site manager at Sherford, Belinda said: “I think the thing I enjoy most is pace of the job. I'm a person who likes to be busy and for there to be a bit of pressure and challenges.
“Plus, no two days are the same - that's what I really love about the job.”

Stuart won the Pride in the Job award after demonstrating excellent leadership, technical expertise and robust health and safety processes in his previous role as site manager at Bovis Homes' Kings Reach location in Ottery St Mary.

He is looking forward to working closely with Belinda and the on-site team at Sherford and establishing trust and credibility with homebuyers and the local community.

He explained: “For me, it's all about taking pride in what you're doing, making sure the work is done to a high standard and treating people with respect.”