Wallingford kids eager to follow in Bob’s footsteps after nursery visit

24 April 2019

Children at a Wallingford nursery, inspired by Bob the Builder, donned hard hats and hi-vis as they were taught about housebuilding by a real-life local construction expert.

Bovis Homes Hadden Grove Didcot nursery
Rachel Colin, assistant site manager at Bovis Homes' Hadden Grove location in Didcot, with children at Rainbow Pre-School 
The two to five-year-olds, at Rainbow Pre-School in Wallingford, learnt about diggers and fork-lift trucks and built their own transport links under the guidance of Bovis Homes assistant site manager Rachel Colin.

And leading the session was someone who lives in one of the houses that Rachel helped to build!

Claire Smith, an Early Years teacher at Rainbow, who recently moved into Bovis Homes’ Hadden Grove location, on Hadden Hill, Didcot, said: “There have been a lot of new houses built in the surrounding area, and indeed some of the children who attend Rainbow are living in a new-build house.

“They enjoyed talking about building and exploring some of the materials used to build homes, such as bricks and roof tiles.

“Rachel spent time with the children in the garden allowing them time to investigate and try different ways of building and using the materials. Some children were measuring, some were looking at drainage and some were creating tall towers. But, of course, all children wanted to look the part with their hard hats and high-vis vests!

“It is always so great to see the children actively engaged in a project which really captures their attention and interest. It was a real hands-on learning experience that they will remember.

“We always want to provide the children with as many valuable experiences as we can and we hope that from this visit we just could have inspired a future Bovis Homes builder!”

Rachel added that the youngsters enjoyed the practical activities, including building bridges and tunnels, and were clearly inspired by children’s TV programme Bob the Builder.

“We built a tunnel out of a drain pipe for the cars to go through and a bridge that the children could walk across,” she said. “We decided that we needed hard hats like Wendy on Bob the Builder, where your pony tail can come out the back!

“Most of the children wanted to come back to work with me to help build houses!”

Claire, whose husband works on a local dairy farm, said the pair enjoyed watching their three-bedroom house being built at Hadden Grove and purchased the property using the Help to Buy – Equity Loan scheme.

Home buyers can take advantage of the Government initiative, which is available exclusively on new-build properties. Purchasers will only require a five per cent deposit, with the Government providing an equity loan of up to 20 per cent of the value of the house.

 By securing a 75 per cent mortgage, buyers may be able to find more competitive lending rates and make repayments more affordable.

“We are so proud to have a house of our own, it’s so lovely to be able to choose the kitchen and select the bathroom tiles and have everything to our choice,” Claire said.

“We feel so lucky and already are so settled, this is our home and we are now planting the garden just how we want. We are really happy here.”