Unique Imelda takes a tour of Ribbans Park

19 December 2017

Imelda Mower is a unique little girl. The ten-month-old from Great Notley, near Braintree, has a chromosome disorder so rare that it doesn't have a name.

Unfortunately, this also means that she requires expert care from Broomfield and Great Ormond Street hospitals, and specialist equipment - much of which must be funded by her parents Rachel and Mike.

As a result, the family are constantly looking to raise funds to support Imelda, and this includes calling on local businesses where they can.

That's where Rachel's friend and former colleague Sian Walker was able to help. Sian is a sales advisor for national housebuilder Bovis Homes, and currently works at the company's new Ipswich location Ribbans Park, having previously worked at The Ashes in Takeley.

"I've known Imelda since she was born and she's a wonderful little girl who loves all the things a child of her age should - particularly aquariums, cuddles and peach purée!" explains Sian.

"I know that Bovis Homes is always keen to support good causes locally so I thought I would see if the company could help raise awareness of Imelda's situation," she adds.

After hearing about Imelda from Sian, Bovis Homes South East region donated £200 towards the Unique Imelda Campaign, which funds therapy and equipment that will help her reach her full potential.
imelda and sian

Imelda's condition means she has many traits similar to Cerebral Palsy. She has Hypotonia (decreased muscle tone), which makes feeding and swallowing difficult and she is at high risk of aspiration pneumonia. She also has a special diet to help her build muscle and make swallowing easier.

"We were proud to welcome Imelda and Rachel to the Ribbans Park show home and find out what a great girl she is," says Bovis Homes regional marketing manager Candice McCabe.

"We're also happy to contribute towards the Unique Imelda Campaign and play some small part in the ongoing fund-raising effort that will help Imelda to live the happy life all children deserve."

As for Sian, her work doesn't stop there. A former professional singer, she'll be taking part in a Christmas concert to raise further funds for Imelda later this month.

"Imelda will always need new equipment or therapy so there is always more to do," she says. "I love to sing and hopefully, this is a great opportunity to raise both awareness and funds for Imelda," she added.

For more information on the concert, or the Unique Imelda Fund, visit the dedicated Facebook page at www.facebook.com/helpImelda/

To make a donation, go to https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/just4children/uniqueimelda