St Neots couple's big night out at No 10!

01 April 2015

Amy and Dan at 10 Downing Street

Recent St Neots home buyers Daniel and Amy Hutton had their eye on a famous London address recently.

The couple, who bought their first place together at Eastern region's Rose Acres location last year, were invited to a No 10 reception by Prime Minister David Cameron as a celebration of the Government-launched 'Help to Buy' equity scheme.

Amy, who works in internal sales for a construction company, and Daniel, a web developer, met Mr Cameron and other Help to Buy purchasers at the two-hour event.

Daniel said of the evening: "It was a surprise to be invited to 10 Downing Street and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we were honoured to accept the invitation. It was a nice event to celebrate the Help to Buy scheme, which helped us buy our first home. It was also good to hear what the Prime Minister had to say."

Speaking to the guests at No 10, Mr Cameron said: "I think Help to Buy has made a real difference.  Because people like all of you in this room who work hard, who've got decent jobs, who can afford mortgage payments, have been able to get that home of your own. 

"And I think that's so important because I think you never forget - and I'll never forget - that first moment when the keys are in your hand and you open the door and you walk into your first flat and your first home.  And that's what Help to Buy has been all about."