Site manager Jamie's drive to hand over high-quality Flitwick homes

09 January 2018

Flitwick team
Left to right, Flitwick team members Marian Chitimus, Jamie Reynolds, Sarah Webster and Marc Pearson 
Jamie Reynolds says his friendly and close-knit build team is driven to deliver high-quality homes to a new part of the community in Bedfordshire.

Site manager Jamie, who has worked for Bovis Homes for eight years, is directing the work at the Froghall Fields location on the edge of Flitwick.

He says pride in the job, organisation and regular communication with customers and members of the site and sales team, are key to building homes of which everyone can be proud.

"We want to hand over high-quality homes and make sure our customers are happy with the service they are receiving from us - it's a big team effort from everyone," explained Jamie.

"Froghall Fields is a fantastic location, being just a mile from Flitwick town centre and close to open countryside.

"It's been a real pleasure to move people in here recently and the feedback from customers has been very positive.

"It's always an encouraging sign when customers greet you with a smile and invite you in for a cup of tea or coffee - it suggests we've put the right procedures in place."

To ensure customers are happy with their new home, Jamie and his team carry out a thorough Home Demonstration of all appliances and systems before they move in.

The Home Demonstration - part of the comprehensive service offered by Bovis Homes at all its locations - helps customers fully understand and appreciate all the benefits of their new home.

The communication and determination to deal with any items that are brought up by the customer continues after they move in and begin settling into their new home.

"It's all about building relationships with the customer," said Jamie. "We want to make sure they're confident with how everything works in their new home, like turning on the heating system or how to switch on the cooker.

"We provide our customers at Flitwick with photographs to show them what to expect from their new home, and we're in regular communication with the sales team so we can respond to questions from the customer as soon as we can."

Jamie and his assistant Marian Chitimus discuss best practice with the variety of contractors on site every day to make sure everyone strives to meet the high standard of work that Bovis Homes expects of them.

"Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction on site," explained Jamie.

"It's very important that we employ contractors and supervisors who, like us, want to build high-quality homes and are committed to the best standards of health and safety, such as making sure pedestrian routes are well signposted, from day one."

After his day on site is over, Jamie returns to his home in Whittlesey, just outside Peterborough, to spend time with his wife Kerry and their children Archie, seven, and Harvey, five.

During the drive home, he reflects on the achievements and the challenges that his team have aspired to meet that day at Flitwick.

"Every day on site is different, which I do enjoy," said Jamie. "You're always working with and meeting lots of different people, so there is a lot of variety to the role."

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