Dream move for family to Winchester Village

02 May 2017

Lynn Laver Winchester Village

Lynn Laver loves her new Bovis Home so much that she has persuaded her dad to move in opposite!

Lynn was looking to make a fresh start in Winchester, but her initial house search did not fill her with much optimism.

"My daughters, Fiona and Ffion, and I were looking at three-bedroom houses and basically all we could afford was a tired house that needed doing up," Lynn remembers. "One day, to cheer ourselves up, we drove into Winchester Village, just to have a look around and see some nice houses.

"While we were there, we noticed that there was actually a two-bedroom that was for sale. It was right at the top, but it was in my price range so we went and looked round it and I fell in love with it as soon as I walked through the door.

"I'm so pleased with where I live, that I'm moving my dad into one of the new houses on the other side of the green as I know he will be as happy as I am here," she says.

Lynn, who is deputy head at a nearby primary school, lives in a Norris house type with its open plan layout and light, airy feel.

"I absolutely love the way it's laid out. It's a beautiful design and it feels very spacious and I love the tall ceilings. The kitchen is wider than many three-bedroom houses. There's nearly two metres between the two work surfaces, which is way more than a lot of kitchens where the space can actually be quite narrow.  It's a really, happy place to be - a lovely open, happy place."

She was also delighted to discover that the house had three toilets.

"I love the fact that I've got three toilets!" she laughs. "My big aim was to get two but I've got three and that's absolutely the icing on the cake for me.

Lynn Laver Winchester Village"All the older houses I looked at, the maximum you could get was a downstairs toilet and a shared bathroom; the fact that I've got an en suite and the girls have got their own bathroom, and I've still got a downstairs toilet, is fantastic. The bathrooms have been done absolutely beautifully. I love the tiling and it's particularly easy to clean. That's a real bonus."

Lynn is also impressed by the design of Winchester Village itself, and the fact that she has been welcomed warmly into her new community.

"What I particularly like about the development is the variety of house design," she says. "They're all beautiful, and the development looks lovely architecturally. The whole site is very easy on the eye and well laid out including a village green, which is charming. The neighbours are very nice too. It's a really lovely community to live in."