Cat family rescue at Shorelands leads to purr-fect ending and charity donation

15 August 2017

Kathy Austen (left) from Cats Protection and Stacey Banfield from Bovis Homes
Kathy Austen (left) from Cats Protection and Stacey Banfield from Bovis Homes 

Bovis Homes have given their backing to animal welfare charity Cats Protection after a remarkable rescue effort at the new Shorelands location in Bude.

A family of stray felines - a mum and her four newborn kittens - had made their home under the site cabin at the Cornish site.

While the moggies seemed 'purr-fectly' content in their new accommodation, it would have been dangerous for them to have stayed there any longer.

As concerted efforts were made to tempt the cats out of their hiding place, the site team at Shorelands offered them bits of their lunch to keep the animals' strength up.

With the help of local volunteer Kathy Austen, the whole family were eventually rescued and then reunited at the local Launceston and District branch of Cats Protection.

Now, after being neutered and carefully checked over, the family have been rehomed at a farm in Dartmoor.

Kathy accepted the thanks of the Bovis Homes regional team for her help - and a donation of £200 for the charity from Stacey Banfield, Bovis Homes South West Regional Marketing Manager.

Stacey said: "We're always pleased when families choose to live on one of our locations, but on this occasion it wouldn't have been safe for the cats to have stayed there.

"We're really pleased that the mum and her kittens didn't come to any harm and have been found a new home.

"Health and safety is a key priority on all our locations and we're relieved and delighted that this story had a happy ending.

"We'd like to say a big thank-you to the site team at Shorelands for their rescue efforts and express our gratitude to the Launceston and District branch of Cats Protection for their help and support.

"We wanted to contribute to the charity as they are all volunteers and have done such a great job in finding the cats, especially as Kathy was on site very early doors to get them before the site team arrived to start work."

Kathy said: "Many thanks to all the team at Bovis Homes for such a generous donation to Cats Protection Launceston and District. This will be a great help to be put towards our neutering costs."