Bovis: four months on!

15 October 2015

Bovis the guide dog

For those of you who don't know Bovis, he's our Guide Dogs sponsored puppy. Our Central region began to sponsor Bovis at the start of the summer, and have been receiving regular progress updates ever since.

Learning to be a guide dog requires the development of lots of skills, and now Bovis is four months old, his first progress report card, showing how he is coming on, has arrived at the Central offices in Coleshill.

It shows he has come a long way from the previous 'pupdate' when he had only just had his 12-week vaccination and was being allowed out to start his puppy training classes.

The latest information from Guide Dogs includes a school-style report card, with each skill being rated; 'excellent', 'good', 'developing' or 'needs work'. We're proud to say that, even though it's early days, Bovis received 'good' or 'developing' in all of his assessments! 

Although Bovis is apparently showing some attention-seeking behaviour and excitability, he is a bright and enthusiastic puppy who is progressing well in his training.

Bovis' puppy walker has been working on enforcing ground rules to ensure good behaviour, with lead work and obedience training appropriate for his age. 

Look out for Bovis' six-month report card and 'pupdate' on our Twitter and Facebook pages.