Bovis Homes announces plans to present local communities with defibrillators

08 November 2017

Dave White with a defibrillator at Furlong Rise
Dave White with a defibrillator at Furlong Rise 
Life-saving equipment will be donated to towns and villages by Bovis Homes, as part of its ongoing commitment to health and safety, and to the communities in which it works.

The national house-builder has announced that the portable, easy-to-use defibrillators currently installed at its locations will be offered to local communities after the developments have been completed.

Bovis Homes will have employees based at developments who have received training in the use of the defibrillators should site workers or members of the public suffer a sudden cardiac arrest on, or close to, its developments.

According to research, 30,000 people in Britain suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital and their survival rate depends upon how quickly they receive CPR before professional medical help arrives.

Roger Morton, Head of Talent at Bovis Homes, explained: "Every second counts when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest and, without immediate help, between 90 and 95 per cent of cases prove fatal.

"But research suggests that survival rates improve significantly if a defibrillator is used within five minutes of a cardiac arrest - from six per cent to 74 per cent.

"Defibrillators are available for use at all our locations during the lifetime of our build and sales presence, for those working on site and, of course, members of the public should they need them.

"We are pleased that they will remain part of the local community after the work has been finished and we have left the development."

Bovis Homes site manager Dave White has personal experience of how defibrillators, which deliver a controlled electric shock to the heart aimed at restoring its natural rhythm, save lives.

One of his closest friends suffered a cardiac arrest while playing football, but a team of paramedics were playing on an adjoining pitch and one of the players had a defibrillator in his car.

Dave said: "My friend wouldn't be here today but for a defibrillator, so it's vitally important that everyone has easy access to them.

"We have two at our site - one in our office and another with the sales team - and my assistant and I have received training from Bovis Homes in how to use them.

"Heaven forbid we ever have to use them, but thankfully they're available if we do."