A mortgage, a new house and a wedding - that's Help to Buy!

19 April 2017

Mike and Charly Saxons Plain

First-time buyers Charly and Mike still can't believe their new, Henfield home near Worthing is actually their own.

They never dreamed they could afford a two bedroom, terraced home at Saxons Plain - despite having a healthy deposit.

Charly, 23, who works in fashion, said: "We never thought we could buy a house so were looking at pretty run down flats in the second hand property market. These cost less, but needed money spending on them and we had already been refused a mortgage on one."

Charly and Mike, 30, a youth worker, visited several developers in the area but didn't feel they were taken seriously because of their age, but when they visited Bovis Homes, things soon changed.

"When we came to Bovis Homes the advisor John was fantastic. He didn't judge us, he was very friendly and told us about the Help to Buy scheme.

"He went online for us, did some figures and the scheme meant that with our deposit we qualified for the full 20% equity loan.  That gave us a very comfortable mortgage which meant we could actually afford to buy the Henfield, a proper house!"

Charly and Mike reserved their new home off-plan. With two bedrooms, one en suite, an open plan kitchen/diner, a separate sitting room, and a spacious garden and large shed, they say they feel "very very lucky."

Charly and Mike - Saxons Plain

"We love having our own space, but it feels like we are looking after it for someone! We had both been living with my parents for 12 months which meant we could save money, but it was the Help to Buy scheme that really made the difference," said Charly.

"It gave us the opportunity to get on the property ladder while still saving over the next five years to help buy our beautiful home while living in it at the same time."

Now Charly and Mike are busy planning for the next big event in their lives - their wedding! Mike proposed on December 30th, two weeks after the couple moved to Saxons Plain and they are tying the knot exactly a year later, on December 30th, 2017 after six years together.

Charly said: "I've already been dress shopping with my mum and reserved the venue. It's so nice to have the house ready so we can focus on the wedding this year. It's all fallen into place and we've Help to Buy and Bovis Homes to thank for that."