A brand new home for a brand new family!

04 June 2013

Bovis Homes

For all its many pleasures, being part of a new and growing family brings with it a number of challenges.

Not the least of these is finding the best environment for you and your children to enjoy life together.

Whether it's taking that first step on the housing ladder or looking to find a bigger place to accommodate new arrivals, buying a home will be one of the biggest decisions you make.

And choosing to make that move into a brand new home will bring benefits for you, your budget - and even the environment.

"For young families, buying a new-build house could well be the best investment they ever make," said Bovis Homes Group Marketing Director Kevin Wilkins. "It really will mark a fresh start as you move into a cosy, bright new place, untouched by previous owners where you can really make your mark!

"You'll also avoid those DIY and repair jobs you inevitably need in an older home, and if you choose a Bovis Home, our all-inclusive specification means you'll get even more time and money to spend on the family," he added. "That's because a new kitchen with integrated appliances is already in place and many of our homes feature en suite bathrooms and built-in wardrobes."

Featuring the latest materials and technologies, new homes are also greener and with their overall improved heat insulation, you could save hundreds on energy bills.

And with housebuilders like Bovis Homes working with the Government and lenders on affordability, there are now a number of purchase assistance schemes available which could prove life-changing.

The most recent of these, Help to Buy, is a unique shared equity scheme for first-time buyers AND current homeowners where the customer pays a 5% deposit and the Government supplies a 20% loan - leaving just a 75% mortgage required.

"It's a great time for new parents who may have thought that a new home was out of reach to take another look and see just what is out there," said Kevin.

"You should find something that fits your circumstances. For instance, if you are struggling to sell a property, with our Home Exchange package we could buy it, allowing you to move into your brand new Bovis Home and avoid the stress and expense associated with chains and estate agents fees."

And for a family setting out on a new life, saving on money and stress is just what the doctor ordered.

For more information about new-build houses, purchase assistance schemes and Bovis Homes developments near you go to www.bovishomes.co.uk

Terms and conditions apply to all offers and purchase assistance schemes, customers should check www.bovishomes.co.uk for details.