Warranty and cover

The first 10-14 days
On the day you moved in a representative from our sales or build team took your meter readings and will forward them to the appropriate supplier with your contact details. We would strongly advise you to also inform them of your recent occupation and all your personal contact details to ensure you receive your introductory letter and subsequent bills. Your utility supplier information can be found in your homeowner’s pack. If, for any reason, you do not receive a bill after 3 months then do contact them again to minimise the risk of a much larger utility bill being sent to you in the future.

Your courtesy visit is your opportunity to notify your site manager of any minor ‘snags’ which they will endeavour to resolve within 28 days of the visit.

Once any items from the courtesy visit have all been completed you will sign off on your home with the site build team.

Keeping in touch
Our Customer Care team will ring you within a few days after your courtesy visit items have been completed. They will introduce themselves, check that you have all our necessary contact details and that you are settling in well. If there is anything you are unsure about at this time, please let one of the team know and we will be more than happy to help.

Reporting problems
Initially check your warranty terms on pages 4 and 5 of this manual to see if your issue is covered.

If you are not sure whether an issue is covered, contact your regional Customer Care team. Once you report any items requiring attention, an appropriate contractor and/or a Bovis Homes site employee is notified. One of our team, or one of our contractors, will contact you directly to arrange for the agreed works to be undertaken.

To ensure your Bovis Homes warranty covers you at all times, you must arrange regular maintenance and servicing of appliances such as boilers, hot water cylinder, ventilation heat recovery systems (where applicable) and heating systems. Your boiler must be serviced after one year and we recommend that you register with your local gas supplier on their maintenance contract.

If your annual boiler and cylinder service is missed, your warranty becomes invalid.

It’s very important that you familiarise yourself with your Bovis Homes warranty and are aware of what it covers and what is not included.

Once you notify us of any work requiring attention we aim to complete any agreed works within the following 28 days, although should we need to order replacement parts this could be a little longer. However, if an immediate solution is not possible, we will investigate and assess the matter within 10 working days.

We appreciate many of our customers are at work during the week so if any remedial work has to be undertaken in your home we can arrange to do this in your absence providing this is acceptable and more convenient.

Two-year warranty – what’s covered
A full list of what’s covered in your warranty can be seen within the Home Owner manual.