Take a look at our time-lapse video, filmed at our popular St James Green location in Welland, Worcestershire. The video, shot over a six-month period, shows the ‘Malvern’ 4-bed show home taking shape. It follows the house through every stage of its construction from foundations to finishing touches.

More than 8,000 bricks were used in building the house, with a further 4,000 to construct the double garage. Other materials included more than 23sq metres of glass and almost 260 linear metres of softwood - which end-to-end would stretch more than twice the length of a football field!

There were also 119sq metres of celcon blocks and 17 sheets of plywood and strand board used in constructing this show home.

At the end of the time-lapse you will see the completed home inside and out, and ready to view, giving a real feel for the quality finish of a Bovis Home.